The Elements of Gold and Iron
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Grace and Nyla had unexpected help, but it didn't take the Foreman, a ruthless and cunning hunter, long to find the other FTers and end their lives. They clearly were no match for her savagery and experience—the mercy she gave was that she kept her promise to make it quick. However, everywhere that Grace and Nyla fled to in the Garden of Hours, the garden rearranged itself, acting like a snow drift, erasing their tracks to throw off the Foreman. This defiant act of nature frustrated the Foreman immensely and forced her to stop and wait for her reinforcements.

With a momentary respite, Nyla and Grace found themselves next to a rose tree, its petals offering them a refreshing drink. The box, exactly where Gem had said it would be, held a perplexing array of items: a locket, a ring, and a monocle. E...

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