What Is The Garden Of Hours
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The pathway narrowed in their newfound world, thicker and thicker, becoming like a forest of plant life and trees reaching in towards them, almost suffocatingly close. "Welcome home, welcome home, welcome." Eerily, the flowers swayed as the echoing words slithered from their distorted pistol mouths. The nine remaining FT-ers continued down the pathway close behind Gem, each noting how weird things had become.

Once again, Gem sensed his young companion's uneasiness, an emotional ability he often wished he was rid of as a level seven empath from his world. 

"This may be a good time to tell you all a story—sort of like a history lesson if you will." Gem said.

"Seriously?" Griselda frowned, her hands slapping her sides as she let out an exasperated sigh. 


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Table of Contents

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