Nature High Five
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As the FT-ers sat at the breakfast table, there was an uneasy silence. Gem looked uncertain, and his eyes kept darting around, while the others tried to steal secretive glances at him. Gem was usually a gruff guide, but he was clearly frustrated and tapped the side of his plate with his fork, annoyed at not being able to enjoy his breakfast in peace. He spoke up, "So, let me clear things up. I heard some rumors going around about what to expect on this field trip. Some people thought you would be sent to work in a brothel. That was started by Directress Millie and her lackey, Dirk. But let me tell you, none of those rumors are true."

The FT-ers were taken aback by this, and there were gasps and scoffs among them. Asha was the first to speak up, "But they said we would get a new life f...

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