No Time For Goodbye: Chapter 10
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There was no time given to the girls to pack. As soon as Directorress Millie read the announcement, Grace and Nyla had to leave in the cab in front of the orphanage. There was not much for them to grab, but Grace had left the golden bird hidden next to her bed. 

"Nyla, cover for me. I need to go back and get something." Grace rattled off and raced toward the room without waiting for Nyla to agree. 

"Get back here Grace, at once. What is wrong with you?" Directress Millie shouted after her. 

"What a troubled girl." Maude said and looked at Nyla for answers. 

Nyla looked at Directress Millie and her stepmother and shrugged. 

"Well, come on, let's get to the cab. Grace will catch up. Not like she can stay here." Dir...

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