A Friend Indeed: Chapter 9
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It was the morning of the announcement for the field trip representatives to the Garden of Hours, and the orphanage was buzzing, with the orphans hoping they would get chosen. Meanwhile, again, Nyla and Grace have yet to speak of what happened at Jeb's home. They just got ready like normal with the rest of their roommates. It was becoming a thing between the two, an unspoken understanding that they dealt with it by keeping quiet when things went left. 

"How was it at Jeb's house?" Amelia asked in between swishing charcoal mouthwash around her mouth. 

Nyla and Grace looked at one another and went back to getting ready. Amelia gawked, leaning on the sink with a brush in her hand, and waited for an answer.

"So, tell me how was it? Is he as dreamy as they say. Tall and h...

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