God Awful Pudding: Chapter 8
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Jeb needed to figure out what to make of Grace. He looked her over more than once as the servants brought food and drink to the oddly shaped mechanical tree table. Nervously, Grace looked around and noticed that the home had a chill, was dark, and smelled of mold. She turned and raised her arm to cough in the corner of her elbow. Jeb frowned. 

"Too stuffy in here for you?" Jeb asked.

"Something like that, yes," Grace said in an amicable tone.

"I know you're not from around here from your accent. Why are you in Temple Bottom?"

"I told you already, I stay at the orphanage. Really I must get back soon, or Directress Millie will make us all pay. I was only to deliver a message." Grace took another bite of the mystery meat casserole. 


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