Jeb Griggs: Chapter 7
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Grace needed to find out where she was going. All she had to go on was a verbal map that Directress Millie gave her. 

“Is this the place?” The pinion cab driver asked.

“I think so. Or wait, it could be the yellow house.”

“Look, miss, I’m not driving you around all night. I doubt that you have those kinds of credits. Here take this paper with you. Directress Millie gave it to me. Told you to read it to the person”

“But wait for me, at least, please. I’m not sure this is the right house.”

Her cab driver parked in front of a purple-bricked house with a black wrought-iron fence and a cherry blossom tree. As soon as she got out, he sped off.


Grace walked to the front door a...

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