Phinn: Chapter 6
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They made it to the market. Greymon wasted no time and told the fruit stand owner about his children.

“Shut your big fat mouth. Greymon, that’s all we hear you cackle on about like some lovesick woman. Going on about how much your children will enjoy that stupid field trip.”

Greymon looked over at Directress Millie, and she looked away. It hurt his pride like a wounded animal for her to see him disrespected.

“Watch your tone with me. I have no problem earning extra rations for my household by reporting you to the Grand Sluicer. You’d be wise not to say anything more.”

Phinneas scoffed, “I’d be wise. Pfft, we all know how far up the Grand Sluicer’s ass you are. We can’t blow our noses around here without you runn...

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