Greedy Greymon: Chapter 5 (Bonus Chapter Release)
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Greymon continued to tell anyone he saw on the way to the market that his luck had turned, but everyone knew better. There was no such thing as luck when you lived in Temple Bottom.

“Millie, is that you? Not safe for a woman and girls if you’re not from around here. I can accompany you if you’d like. I’m headed to the market too.”

“Sure, but not for the protection. I come here often to get supplies I can’t get back home. Trust me, I can take care of myself. I’m surprised you’re offering to come with me. What would your wife say?”

Of course Directress Millie was lying, but there was no way she would tell the biggest gossip in town her true intentions.

“I’m just being neighborly; she wouldn’t have anyth...

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