Rise and Don't Shine: Chapter 3
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When no one is left that cares, there is no asking what happened. Days had passed, and there was no mention of Bernice and the other girls. Life just resumed as normal— if such a thing ever existed. A grim reminder of life at an orphanage.

Directress Millie was extra giddy about the day and the possibilities that awaited them all. A rare smile flashed across her face as she walked from her private sleeping quarters a reasonable distance from the orphaned girls’ dormitory.

“Hello Directress Millie.” Two girls from the Trommel Hall said in unison as she towered over them.

“What is the meaning of this? Why are you outside of your hall?”

“Percy, the cook sent for us, ma’am. Remember we have potato peeling duty you assigned us, ma’am.”...

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