Not The Best of Besties Chapter 2 (1)
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Halfway up the hill, a frantic girl caught up to her. She panted wildly and tried to catch her breath.

She didn’t care much about how she looked in her disheveled clothes and messy bun. Her mischievous eyes gleamed, and she had a slight grin. Her ears perked, and faint voices overlapped in the distance, making her uneasy. There wasn’t much time to put her plan in motion.

Her heartbeat fluttered as she leaned in closer.

“So you’re the new girl Grace huh?”

“Yeah, why? Who are you?”

Grace uneasily whispered back, partly annoyed by yet another interruption and having to strain to hear the breathy girl speak.

The voices were near.

“I’m Nyla. They sent me to find you and the other girls.” Nyla looked...

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