Toxic Air: Chapter 1 (2)
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blue ponytail girl snickered, “Wow, you were right, Bern! You’ll be the special one. Directress Millie will surely pick you to go on the field trip if you give her that. She won’t say no now because of how bad you are and doesn’t want you to put a bad name on the Sinclair Spindle.”

The girl sarcastically scoffed.

Bernice snapped her fingers.

“Shut up, you idiot! I know that I’m her favorite. She only doesn’t want to pick me because all of you would be jealous. Hold the little pissant until I get far away, then let the runt go.”

The two girls continued restraining Grace while Bernice turned to walk away.

Grace closed her eyes, then opened them and revealed her once brown eyes had changed, glowing orange o...

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