Chapter 24 - Kevin (2)
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sure where the solar plexus was, and of course, your sister had … uh … taken care of the G part.”  He nodded at the body.  “You’ll know better at autopsy, but I think Mrs. Stephenson got him good enough, it was probably fatal.  They did real fine, even without me.”

I hoped that Doucet, wherever he was, knew he’d been taken out by advice from a chick flick.

Suddenly, I noticed Minelli.  He’d come further into the hall and was bending down to pick something up.  A small, square, metal box.  The hard drive.  “Put it down,” I said.

Minelli just looked at me and wrapped it in his handkerchief.  “Federal crimes take precedence.”

I rose.  “Hand it over, Minelli.  Our scene, our evidence.&rdqu...

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