Chapter 23 - Aly (1)
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Chapter 23



The paramedics took Detective Walker out on a stretcher less than a minute after they arrived.

I managed to sit down in one of the dinette chairs.  AJ stood next to me, her arm around my shoulders as I slid mine around her waist.

Detective Schultz started to follow the stretcher, then turned back and set Cali on her feet.  I held out my other arm.  She looked up at her brother, then ran over to me, her own arms out.  She wrapped her arms around me, not even looking as her brother turned back towards the hall.  Somewhat hesitantly, AJ put her other arm around her shoulders.

Cali was shuddering uncontrollably.

I lifted her into my lap, and she let me.

She buried her head in my shoulder.  I...

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