Chapter 7-Aly
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Chapter 7




I was inhaling the aromas of steaming hot, fresh bread and the specially seasoned, tomato slices Incredible Pizza is famous for.  The scents blended and swirled with the intoxicating essence of roasting, bubbling cheese.  A sinful assault on the senses.  I sat there savoring.  Inhaling the bouquet of gastronomic decadence.  Anticipating the robust zest of  Americanized Italy on my tongue.

But I wasn’t so far gone I couldn’t make myself pay attention when he returned from ordering.  He sort of plopped down on the bench on his side of the booth.  He looked as if he didn’t know whether to laugh or pull his hair out.  “I need a drink.  A double might do it.”

“I don&rsquo...

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