Chapter 36 - Kevin (3)
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 She stared at Colonel Morris.  “While I have some issues with the way the school has handled her education, the school does keep her mind occupied and involved.”  She looked at Zeiss and Wannamaker.  “I don’t think any of us wants a child with AJ’s gifts to fall prey to the kinds of behaviors that happen when teenage girls get bored.”

Both Zeiss and Wannamaker shook their heads emphatically.  AJ as a juvenile delinquent who wanted to cause trouble … well, there was a thought to keep a cop awake at night.  Just to toss a little weight her way, I added, “Nobody needs her teaching anybody in juvie how to become a hacker, either.”

I saw that hit.  There was a sort of universally appalled expression on the face of every other...

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