Chapter 34 - Kevin (2)
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Second, well, hell, if you can’t figure out by now that Aly Stephenson in a short, tight skirt was worth following, you haven’t been paying attention.

Cap was introducing Minelli and Rush to the Chief when I entered.  Rather than join them, I headed for the phone on the wall next to the high volume coffee maker.  I picked up the handset and started punching in the number for Section Four.  While I waited for them to pick up, I looked at Aly and sort of jerked my head towards the coffeepot.

She gave me a “get real” look that could peel paint.

Well, it had been worth a shot.

When Lloyd answered, I told him to deliver AJ to the conference room.  “With an escort.  I’m not expecting trouble, but we’ve got enough cops at Mercy...

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