Chapter 34 - Kevin (1)
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Chapter 34


I smiled.  I knew I had him … the first step to saving AJ’s bacon.  Aly made a little moan, but when I glanced over at her, she had herself in hand.

Minelli wasn’t about to say anything until he knew what was on the table.

I glanced over at Captain Zeiss.  He gave a slight nod with permission to continue.  Spies and international racketeering are outside our purview.  We’d have had to call in the Feds anyway.  The chance to control how they got involved, though, well, that didn’t come along just every day.  I was prepared to enjoy it, and I was pretty sure Cap was, too.

I kind of rocked back in my chair.  “You want it now, or you want to wait until the rest of the party gets here?&r...

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