Chapter 32- Kevin (3)
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and wired at the same time.  He strolled towards my desk and offered a hand.  “Detective Schultz?”

I stood.  Before I shook his hand, I took note of the build up of calluses on the outer edge of his palm.  This was not a guy a smart man wanted to engage in a pissing contest of a handshake.  “That’d be me.”  I kept the handshake brief and professional.  I wondered if the long sleeves were covering the same tattoo Cali had recognized on Doucet.  “Ranger, Seal, or Marine Special Forces?”

His eyes narrowed.  “Will Rush.  I teach phys. ed.”

“Among other things, I imagine.  You got ID?”

He reached into a back pocket for his wallet.  His driver’s license identified him as William B. Rush...

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