Chapter 32- Kevin (1)
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Chapter 32


I called down to the desk and told them to give me a heads up if anyone asked about AJ, then send them my way.

The phone rang about two seconds after I got the handset back in the cradle.  “Hey there, Schultz.  It’s Jeannette.  Mrs. Stephenson up there with you?”

I smiled.  

“You got something for me, darlin’?”

“You wish.  Got something for Ms. Stephenson, though.  They sent me out to her place to pick up some clothes.”

I glanced over at Aly, who just happened to be picking at the dress thing I’d bought her.  She looked pained.  I asked, “What did you get?”

Jeannette sighed.  “Well, her closet didn’t run to jogging suit...

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