Chapter 31 - Aly (1)
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Chapter 31


I’d started the day buying a dress suitable to wear to a charity ball, the opera, or a really formal wedding.

I was ending the day in plastic flip-flops and a dress for which the proper accessories would have been pink curlers, a cigarette attached to my lip, cat’s eye glasses, and an adjacent trailer park.  Add a man in a stained, torn T-shirt, watching women mud wrestle on the television with a cheap domestic beer in one hand and a half-eaten package of Twinkies in the other and I’d just fit right in. And this thing masquerading as a dress came to me from a man who kept voicing such admiration for elegant silk undergarments. To say the man had no taste was an understatement of mind-boggling proportions. But the ballerinas were cute.  I...

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