Chapter 30 - Kevin (2)
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transmitter, too.  I think that must be how they knew where to find the safe house.”

“Jesus.”  I told Fischer to go get an evidence bag.  I didn’t touch the bug or even the paper hankie.

“I felt it while I was in the handcuffs.  I didn’t take it out of my shirt until I got here, and then I just kind of pulled my shirt tail out and let it drop onto the bed.  I didn’t touch it any more than to pick it up in the hankie.”

“Good job.”  Fischer returned with an evidence bag.  I scooped the bug and the hankie together and sealed the bag with evidence tape.  I let Fischer write the information on the bag to identify it.  I kept my eyes on AJ.  “And the bug was a really good diversion, bu...

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