Chapter 28 - Kevin (2)
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or at the beach.  You know the kind I mean, cotton, comes down below the knee, and has about twice as much material as you’d need to make a halfway decent tent.  Little bit of white lace around the little sleeves and the neck.  Not real classy, but we were going to need her clothes, and my jacket, for bloodstain analysis.  I figured she’d rather wear the tent thing than a set of jail coveralls.

For flip-flops, I found a pink pair that actually had little ballerinas on the straps.  Kind of seemed appropriate somehow, so I got them for her.

When I handed her the bag, she thanked me and asked if I had a knife or something to cut the plastic loop holding the flip-flops together.

“Oh, yeah.  Sorry.”  I handed my Swiss Army knife back to her. &nbs...

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