Metal and Stone II: Fire & Ice - Chapter Five
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"Stop shining that light in my eyes," Dauria said irritably.

"No one's shining anything."

"At least cover the rotten flames."

"There are no flames."

The platinum wyrm grumbled something unintelligible. Even she wasn't certain what it was meant to express.

Slithering to her feet from the coiled position she had slept in, Kwallindauria opened her eyes a thin crack and the blinding white light forced them closed again.

"Why is it so bright?" she growled.

Graayyya chuckled.

Dauria clenched her teeth. "It isn't funny."

"It most certainly is," the garnet said through her laughter.

Grinding her teeth together, Dauria forced her eyes open wide. The blinding glare of the light was liquid fire i...

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