Metal and Stone II: Fire & Ice - Chapter Four
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The farther south they flew, the choppier the waves became. The whitecaps grew larger, the crashing waves taller, and the biting wind icier.

Blessedly, the skies were clear of storms. The fluffy clouds shone pristine white, while the sky beyond them was a perfect, azure blue. The color was so similar to that of the water below that she had a moment of panicked vertigo in which she wasn’t at all certain which way was up and which was down.

While she watched, the waters on the southern horizon turned pure white, all traces of blue vanishing. What is that?

Graayyya's chuckle came through their link, but no words accompanied it.

Dauria privately wondered how the garnet’s movements were still so free and fluid. Her own movements were growing sluggish, requiring much more...

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