Metal and Stone II: Fire & Ice - Chapter Three
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The journey took several days and carried the two dragons halfway across the Earth. They crossed the chilly sea to the arid desert lands and down to the green jungles and grasslands on the southern tip of the continent, then down into the stormy, wind-tossed ocean and finally into the frigid waters of the Antarctic.

Are you going to tell me what this is about? Dauria asked once they were away from the southern tip of the continent, past the point of any dragons— save perhaps the celestines, though they usually kept to the frozen north —being near enough to eavesdrop.

I think we're far enough away now to speak of it openly, Graayyya said.

Obviously, this about your supposed destiny. But what of it?

Graayyyavalllia huffed a deep sigh and projected the sound acr...

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