Metal and Stone II: Fire & Ice - Chapter One
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In ages long past, humans and dragons coexisted and cooperated, Kwallindauria said telepathically, using her patient, teaching voice.

Over the years, the Humans grew discontent with the arrangement and sought to usurp the position of the wise mentor.

Wars followed, terrible wars.

In the end, the dragons withdrew from the world. They grieved for the other races the Humans had destroyed in the conflict, but eventually accepted that the world would be better off, and remain more intact, if they were no longer a part of it.

Watchers were left in place, however, to watch over the Humans and the Earth.

Great care was taken in the choosing of The Watchers. Those of great wisdom, great intellect, and great ambition were barred from the position. Obedience...

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Table of Contents

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