Metal and Stone II: Fire & Ice - Prologue, part 2
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Baalhalllu spun to face the speaker and his jaw fell while his eyes widened, though only for an instant.

Vordillainsura grinned, his eyes shining with malice. The malachite female beside him offered a slowly spreading, toothy grin.

What’s she so excited about?

Baalhalllu groaned inwardly. Behind the two were the three agates and a quartet of garnets.

“Have you become such a coward that you need eight wyrms to fight me for you, Sura?”

The massive agate boomed a mirthless laugh. “The day I need help to dispose of the likes of you is the day I step down and hand the council over to that pathetic wyrmling of yours!”

“Then prove it,” Baalhalllu taunted, tossing the scales on a desperate gambit. “Hold your minions back and face me...

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