Metal and Stone, Epilogue
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“That is… quite a story, Graayyyavalllia,” Baalhalllu said. “Do you actually believe it?”

“Believe?” the garnet asked, bewildered.

“It sounds a little far-fetched,” he said, quite proud of fitting the human modernism into his natural speech.

Graayyya gave a slight frown. “My lord, I was present for much of it. Which parts do you have difficulty in accepting?”

“Well, quite naturally I struggle to accept the part about the gods speaking through Dauria’s voice. That seems to me more than a little bit… um… imaginative. However, I also have difficulty in accepting that she encountered my old friend Kaiyutaulliaund and somehow convinced him to sacrifice himself for her. Or, more accurately, for the greater good of all of Dragonkin...

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