Metal and Stone, Chapter 14
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The two great dragons broke the surface of the Mare Gallicum moments after Ryujin’s Blaze rose above the eastern mountains. Its bloody rays showered the glassy water with fiery light reflected in glossy garnet and metallic silver.

The combination of freedom, sunlight, and cool ocean spray was a heady brew.

Scarcely a moment into her exultation, however, Dauria’s heart sank to her tail.

Thin tendrils of acrid smoke twisted upward into the sky from every land-bound direction. Where once had been villages and castles, now only smoking ruins remained.

She turned to Graayyya and her heart shattered. The garnet wyrm wept openly, her sobs wracking her body with spasms and streams of thick, fiery tears dripped down her snout into the glassy water below.

“They did it,”...

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