Metal and Stone, Chapter 12
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“I still don’t remember any of this,” Graayyya said in frustration.

“I know,” Dauria sighed. “How long were you awake before I came to you?”

Graayyya hesitated, then said, “I’m not certain. Weeks, perhaps.”

“Weeks?” Dauria asked, incredulous.

Graayyya briefly cocked her head to the left. I don’t know, the movement clearly communicated.

“I see. What woke you?”

“Rage,” the garnet wyrm breathed.

Dauria’s brow ridges furrowed. “I don’t follow.”

Graayyya stared, her expression blank. After several moments, she said, “I really can’t explain it.” She paused, then added, “Kwallindauria,” as though tasting the name for the first time.


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