Metal and Stone, Chapter 10
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The moment Kwallindauria opened her eyes, she knew the world had changed.

Dust motes floated through the air in beams of sunlight no human could see, the creaks and groans of the Earth sounded so near, she almost thought she was within a wingspan of the inner side of the Earth’s crust. The scents of iron and gold came to her on the breath of air from the surface.

In short, she was a dragon again, but now infinitely more attuned to her senses than ever before. It was almost as though she had opened her eyes for the first time, as though she’d been seeing through closed lids all her life.

What a wondrous sensation!

“Kaiyu,” she called, remembering his pain-filled shriek. “Where are you? It worked!”

Rising to her feet, she looked ar...

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