Metal and Stone, Chapter 6
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The soft swish of cured hide against human flesh woke Dauria from a deep, dreamless sleep. The tent was still dark, much too dark for ordinary human eyes to see with any clarity.

She picked out Kaito across the tent, he was stuffing his bedding and other effects into his large, hide bag. Every few seconds, he glanced out the doorway to the horizon which was just beginning to glow pale orange.

Dauria sat up and began folding her own blankets. She didn’t need to be told it was time to pack up and get moving.

Kaito stopped, hand halfway to a shapeless lump on the floor, and stared at her. Even with her enhanced sight, Dauria couldn’t see the expression on his face. The stiffness of his posture, however, spoke volumes.

“Everything okay?” she asked.

He grunted. There w...

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