Metal and Stone, Chapter 4
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For two days, the pair hiked in a generally north-easterly direction around the low, rocky hills at the bottom of the mountain. The air was clean and crisp, if bitter cold.

“You seem quite at home out here, Kaito,” Dauria said. “How long have you been doing this?”

“Doing what?” Kaito grunted.

“This!” Dauria said, spreading her arms wide. She immediately pulled them back in, curling in the heavy, fur blanket draped about her shoulders to envelop the thick, fur-lined blouse and trousers. Where had he gotten them? Even more curious, why had he had them with him? They were obviously made for a slender female, so what use could he expect to have for them?

She hadn’t thought to ask at the time, and now the subject seemed unlikely to come up again.


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