Lioness in Lander (6)
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back and forth. Not really comprehending what was going on, she decided to go home and play with Nellie. She chuckled quietly to herself. Whatever Alan was into, it was definitely a secret – at least as far as she was concerned. But she didn’t mind playing along.

She arrived home, heading straight for the caged-in area where the lion was kept. Maybe she would teach her some new tricks; she’d done exceptionally well with the previous ones. She was climbing trees, standing on her hind legs – she was even catching objects in her mouth. In addition, she adored Jennifer. In Nellie’s eyes, this was her mother. But when Jennifer reached the gate, the lion was nowhere to be found. Unlocking it, she ventured into the bushy, forest-like section of their property, looking for some sign. But Nell...

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