Lioness in Lander (4)
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shining in the sun’s rays. As Alan started to walk over, Jennifer jumped from the carriage and ran toward him, leaping upon him. They shared a friendly kiss and a warm embrace.

“Alan!” she exclaimed. “What is all of this?”

Alan grinned. “Did you like the flowers?” he said.

“The flowers? They were great…but what is this place? This is too much,” Jennifer said, laughing in disbelief.

The horse neighed, and Alan took her hand and led her inside. She was surprised by the overall comfort of the place; the outside was daunting. The den’s walls were covered with tapestries of a predominately crimson color, and the chairs, curtains, and couches were for a similar theme.

“This is my home,” Alan stated. “I have alway...

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