Lioness in Lander (3)
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Alan decided that very moment that he was in love with the wild, young woman, and he resolved to show her the best that he could. When the show was over, he waited patiently at the front desk where he had acquired his tickets. Many of the passerby stopped to talk to him, or to just say hello, for he was very well-known in the town of Lander. They wouldn’t dare ask why he came to a circus with flowers and a tuxedo, but they all silently wondered as they left his presence.

At last, she came out. But she was transformed; from a fearless commander of wild animals to a beautiful young woman. Her clothing remained the same, but for the first time Alan could see her face clearly, for she was without a hat. Her hair was down now, and it swayed in the light breeze of the night. A warm, comforting...

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