Bigot Spigot (4)
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waste constantly being buried in the same area, human and animal remains washed out to sea by driving rains, and constant bathing by thousands of dogs, it wasn’t long until both the Hudson and the East River began to look more like swamps. With no one to treat the water, all fountains and faucets came to produce repugnant sludge. Something would have to be done, and the society looked to The Crest for the answer to the problem. How could it be remedied? Could it be remedied? Without a clean water source, the whole population could perish from disease, if they didn’t starve to death first. Of course, relocation was the initial answer, as the population was growing rapidly, but everyone could see that whatever new settlement they chose would be overtaxed in the same manner as the last. Also, they didn&r...

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