Wall of Friends (3)
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hamburger, a bun, a scoop of coleslaw, and a puddle of brown goop that he couldn’t identify. He was about to ask for something to drink when the small door slammed shut with a harsh finality; he could hear the guard’s keys shake, then his footsteps as he continued on. He put the tray on the table and studied it. It didn’t look very appetizing, but he hadn’t eaten all day, and he already felt weak and exhausted. He lifted the bun, and noticed a small packet of mustard under it – which would have been a nice surprise, except he hated mustard. Well, he thought, it’s better than nothing. It would have been nice to get ketchup though; who didn’t know that ketchup goes on a hamburger? He took a small bite; it wasn’t too bad. He polished off the coleslaw using the small...

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