Vermilyea Road (4)
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even more money saved if Romul hadn’t convinced her to quit her job cleaning houses two months prior, a job that offered neither health insurance nor maternity leave. Romul had a job at his father’s repair shop fixing clocks, watches, and all manner of things with small motors. He was the reason they had as much money as they did, as Grushenka was a notoriously poor saver, but he was also the reason they had never purchased a single thing new. But Harold Stanton didn’t know any of this; to him they looked like two beggars. He tried to turn quickly to busy himself, but the woman must have sensed his haste, for she marched straight up to him.

“Do you work here?” the woman asked.

The man stood right next to her, looking at him intently. Harry swallowed.

“Uh, yes&hellip...

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