Vermilyea Road (3)
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fire than hers, those flames would only dance for his bride.

“I love you,” Romul said.

“And I love you,” she replied as she leaned closer. “Always.”


The subway was terribly hot, as if to compensate for the steady, brisk wind that blew outside. It would not be a pleasant ride. They would have to travel all the way downtown to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, then they would catch a bus to New Jersey, to a town he’d never heard of. Romul thought about the journey ahead of them as people pressed him from every angle, the train mashing them into each other as it rocked from side to side. It would be a long trip, and long trips got on his nerves. Not like he wasn’t annoyed already; first, they had to leave in a rush. Grushenka had blame...

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