My Last Vacation (4)
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Galileo viewed the moon from a telescope, Hank said, he thought the dark parts were bodies of water and so he named them “maria” which was the Latin word for “seas”. I started to wonder which sea I was in; would it be too much to hope that I was in the Mare Imbrium, which was where we were supposed to land. It was close to the sight of the last Apollo mission, the Hadley Rille. The way I was feeling, the Mare Crisium was more appropriate. After the thunderous barrage of meteors I had heard only moments ago, Oceanus Procellarum was even more likely. I laughed in my helmet. Ocean of Storms. It was a dark joke, but it was also a dark time so it seemed fitting.

Travel on the moon’s surface would be much easier (and faster) with the module&rsqu...

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