The Billionaire Heartbreaker
By Dawn Reeves

Dawn Reeves      1/24/22 6:46 AM

If you're looking for a bit of escapism, please check out my book! hopefully a bit of love and romance set on a tropical island will blow the winter blues away! xx

Dawn Reeves      7/05/20 2:52 AM

Hello all, hope you have been keeping safe and well in these difficult times. It certainly has been challenging and the world is definately going to be a different place going forward. I hope that we all pull through together with love, hope and faith. Just a reminder, 'The Billionaire Heartbreaker' is now complete, so if you're looking for a bit of romance to brighten your day, check it out. I was verry proud earlier this year to finish the book. I had worked on it for so many years. It was an awesome feeling as I typed 'The End'. Good luck as you all finish your projects too and move onto pastures new!

Dawn Reeves      7/05/19 7:20 AM

Thanks so much for subscribing, hope you enjoy it!

Dawn Reeves      6/28/19 10:37 AM

Chapter Two released today, look out for it!