Chapter Thirteen (3)
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structure before them, with what seemed like millions of lights making it dazzle. She felt dazzled. She felt his fingers touch the small of her back as he approached her. She turned to face him, what did he want from her?!

‘I didn’t do commitment. I didn’t want a family. I didn’t want love, because I wasn’t capable of it. Until now, until you. I can’t live without you Mia. You showed me what I’ve been missing out on and I can’t let that go. I don’t deserve you, you’re a bright light that lit up my dark lonely life. I want to learn how to make you happy. I’ll spend every day learning, don’t leave me Mia. I love you. I can’t remember not being in love with you.’

He was shaking, holding back the tears. Oh God, he lov...

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