Chapter Thirteen (2)
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up her well-practised speech and composure!

‘Gracias, you chose pretty well…for a guy.’

‘Thanks, I think? Come in. Is your room ok?’

‘Anything would be ok, after my last room! Although, I would have survived. I’m a Cortez and a Petulengro…that’s my mother’s surname.’

‘Petulengro, that’s a great name. Come and join me on the balcony and tell me more about her. I thought the two of you were electric in each other’s company today.’ He led her outside and they sat down on a low sofa. There was a spread of top Parisian cuisine laid out for them on a gold ornate table.

‘Luke, you have gone to a lot of trouble…’

‘It’s nothing really. I just want us to relax, enjoy...

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