Chapter Twelve (4)
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home. She had abandoned Mia as a baby, but maybe she wanted to be found. Mia had asked her papa why he hadn’t gone after her mother. His answer had been simple, he couldn’t deal with having his heart broken twice.


Mia stood at her mother’s door, anticipation squashed into every nerve. The restless breeze scattering stray leaves, emulated the barrage of thoughts and emotions she’d had all morning. What if her mother hated her? What if she hated her mother? What then? Her stomach was churning. Mia knocked on the door forcefully, rising to her own fears. She couldn't be the confident, secure woman that she wanted to be, was destined to be, unless she did this. The door opened slowly and there she was.

‘Sophia?’ When the woman said yes, Mia c...

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