Chapter Twelve (2)
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‘Yes thanks so much for the contact details, I will do.’

‘Call me too if you fancy a tour of Paris or want to know the best place to hit the shops!’

‘Thank you so much.’ They said their farewells and Mia left the hotel feeling cheery. It was nice to know she wasn’t alone at all in the city. Although as she walked past the trendy cafes with lovers sat sipping coffee and drinking wine, she had to swallow back the tears, she missed Luke. So much so, that she could swear she felt pain. She gasped, she decided to head back to her hotel, she’d order room service tonight and prepare for going to see her mum, she had waited long enough, she had to face this and do what she had come to do, or she’d run away, back to Mangrove Mills and probably nev...

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