Chapter Seven (4)
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sorry, Mia, I know that I should really get you back.’

‘Well now, we can’t ruin your reputation, can we?’ Mia teased provocatively and kissed him again, pushing herself up against him so she could feel his full masculine frame against her.

‘Oh, Mia.’ He kissed her back passionately. He stroked her head, his fingers losing themselves in her thick curls. His hands then seeking out her body, exploring her curves. He gripped her bum, pulling her body even closer to him. She could feel his response. Luke slowly unzipped her dress and, once it dropped to the floor, he lifted her gently and carried her to the bedroom.

‘Luke,’ she whispered as he kissed her. His stubble, brushing against her skin, was tantalising. He lay her down on the smooth, soft silky s...

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