Chapter Three (3)
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the next morning by the sound of engines and doors banging. She was eating her breakfast when her father came in.


‘Mia, as soon as you have finished, we should go over to the house and see if Senor Taylor needs help unpacking. His belongings have arrived today.’

‘Well, he’ll be ok Papa, he’s a big boy, we don’t have to live our lives around him.’

‘Si, bambino, we do, he is our boss now,’ he said, leaving the room.

Mia chased after him. ‘I thought maybe you would have talked with Senor Taylor about us not working here anymore, make a fresh start papa?’

‘No, you thought wrong. This is our livelihood Mia you know that. Now, we must make a good impression on our first day for Senor Taylor.&rsq...

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