Chapter Two (4)
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it was a good thing or a bad thing? It’s bad! Her aunt gave him a glass of papa’s lethal tropical fruit punch laced in rum. Mia tried hard not to laugh as he politely sipped it and then pulled a face as soon as her auntie wasn’t looking so as not to hurt her feelings. As they chatted he glanced over at her. Mia looked away quickly; he needed to know he had no effect on her, even if that in itself was a lie. As he took his last sip her aunt moved on and then he was moving toward her.


 ‘Would you mind if I danced with you?’ He took hold of her hands as the music slowed down. His touch was warm but sent flames soaring through her body.

‘Can you meringue?’ she asked, taking in how cool and casual he looked in his white shirt and cre...

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